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By | November 18, 2014

Successful Keyword Research Made Easy

Running an online business will eventually bring you into learning how to perform keyword research. This was confusing involving many queries on search engines. To be successful at this before it would require a team or a lot of valuable time. Especially now with thousands of websites competing for similar keywords, it would be difficult finding the right ones to use.

Now, several companies have developed software that do most of the work for you. Looking into several of these companies delayed my interest because of the high cost to use them. One program stood out as an all-in-one tool for keyword analysis. My most successful keywords have come to me by using Jaaxy at the lowest cost offered anywhere.

You can try it out free below

Type a keyword below and see the most sophisticated results of any keyword tool out there.

 Keyword Research Made Easy

 What is a keyword analysis

A keyword analysis provides information on the following key points:

  • The volume of traffic
  • competition using those keywords
  • Expected results of keywords for both search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

Successful keyword research tools will provide in-depth SWOT analysis. This gives valuable information around how websites are using keywords, the effectiveness, and how you can use them to your benefit.

SWOT “Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats”


Is Google Keyword Tool Useful?

Google keyword tool is continuously talked about. I know most of you have already tried using it and would agree on the poor layout, along with an overload of useless information.

An example below of when I tried using it for keyword ideas around “Successful Keyword Research”. I’ve been at this a few years and um…. “What am I looking at?” Better yet “I’m looking at it, but why?”


Successful Keyword Research Google Keyword Tool

(Should I say much about the above screenshot other than: “Hmm, what do I do with this?”)



Jaaxy Makes Keyword Research Easy

It wasn’t long before looking for alternatives to using Google keyword tool. Struggling with this for a while led me to writing many articles that would never receive traffic through search engines. That was before being introduced to Jaaxy. Refusing to pay for expensive keyword tools is why Jaaxy earned my trust. By far the cheapest program offered with the most effective and easy to understand results. Since I began using it, ranking on first page of Google and finding the best keywords to use is effortless.   Successful Keyword Research - Jaaxy Results for keywords related to legitimate home business opportunity

Jaaxy not only has better features – Jaaxy is better

The Most Powerful and Successful Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy offers training and tutorials on effective use of keyword research. While giving valuable keyword recommendations; know how your website is ranking up against others, and discover affiliate programs that are related to your keywords.   Successful Keyword Research - Jaaxy Bonus

Sign up for 50 Free Keyword Analysis Searches Today

  • Receive 1000 high traffic, low competition keywords – Free
  • Receive a niche research handbook – Free
  • Receive a guide to profit from domain flipping – Free

All this comes included when you try out Jaaxy free with your 50 free keyword analysis. It’s in my confidence that you too will think Jaaxy is the most successful keyword research tool available. I’ll leave my comments open to hear your feedback when you try it out for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Keyword Research

  1. Gonçalo

    As a user of Jaaxy myself, i completely agree with everything you said about it; Jaaxy is nº1 when it comes to keywords research.
    You really cover alot of important information about the program, and it is very well explained.
    Very good job I really liked to read it.

  2. janelle

    Thanks for the review on Jaaxy. I didn’t see a price for this system. I’ve tried the free search and it didn’t take me long to use ‘em up.

    Good info.

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      I should thank you also for pointing this out. It’s free to signup and use several free searches. $19/month for the pro membership! Very affordable, especially when comparing with the other guys.

      Cheers for now!


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